21 things you might not know about me.

  1. My hometown has a population of fewer than 6,000.
  2. I am prone to fainting, which is why you will never catch me watching super-gory movies.
  3. I love to draw people’s faces.
  4. Being hugged is my favorite.
  5. My spirit-animal is a horse. They’re so wild and free and beautiful. I secretly want to move out onto a dude ranch.
  6. I almost drowned when I was three. I still refuse to learn how to dive headfirst into water.
  7. I am terrified of needles.
  8. My favorite food is cheesecake with strawberries.
  9. I am super-competitive. Which sometimes makes up for the fact that I am not athletic at all.
  10. I want to have a really big family. Like, really big.
  11. I am a Harry Potter fanatic—boxed set of books, midnight premieres, costumes, read the books/watched the movies a ridiculous amount of times. Okay, you probably knew that. But just in case.
  12. I am a copyrighted playwright.
  13. If you ask me what game I want to play now, I always, always, always want to play Hot Seat. I might not say it. But I think it.
  14. My lucky number is 14.
  15. If I were a Disney Princess, I would be Belle.
  16. On a related note, I have about 140 books on the bookshelf in my room.
  17. I have AD/HD—basically that just means it’s hard for me to focus/remember things, I lose things a lot, talk way too much, and it’s hard for me to control the volume of my voice.
  18. I commentate during movies. Sorry, everyone.
  19. In Irish, my first name means “peace” and my last name means “warrior.”
  20. I love to sing—gospel, country, R&B, jazz, Top 40, folk, Broadway, opera—I love it all. You probably knew that, too.
  21. Dancing around to Frank Sinatra while taking hours to get dressed up for formal occasions is so much fun.
(Photo credit to Hannah Lin)

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