Big news! And a poem!

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t written in a while, but I have some big news: my creative writing teacher loved my first short story so much that she wants me to use it to apply to the creative writing program and then work on getting my story PUBLISHED. So, I’m looking at dropping my theatre minor (more on that little nugget later) and adding a creative writing major, if I get into the program. God is so good! The story is called Hartsong. It’s a magical realism piece about a girl, her crazy sister, her mother, her dead father, fairytales, God, Ireland, and the forest. I had a ton of fun writing it!! I will be posting it eventually on the blog, but it’s still in the revision process, so no one can see it yet. Anyway, I thought I’d share the poem I wrote that inspired the story as a little teaser of the things to come. Hope you like it, and look for a blog post soon!


In the beginning was the wood
And the wood was good
And I am running                            running                                 running
The wood was soft and beautiful and full of life and love
And I am running running running toward the Heart
And the Heart is wilder than my wildest imaginings
and He looks me right in the eyes
and I know that He knows me
I am open and alive and in the air and of the air
The wood is quiet whispering moonlight
like water through branches and fingers
bones of the earth greeting their Beloved with songs of morning
and so emerald so lush and bursting with laughter
and wings fluttering throbbing and I can hear

you are here, my dear one
yes, i am here
how did you find this place
i have heard it in my memory singing songs
I gave you those songs
and I gave you this place… it is all for you…
these woods are your rooms…they are prepared for you…
for I have waited and now you are here…
you are welcome here…

arise, My love,
and come away with Me


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