Spring cleaning, the sequel.

Heyyyoooooooooo. I’m picking up where I left off. Told you it would be really soon. Cue theme music.

His plans are good.
His plans are good.

5. Hindsight is most definitely 20-20. Let me explain. My first blog post talked a lot about my experiences with musical theatre and how I switched majors to Secondary Education, and changed my Theatre major to a minor. Well, two days ago, I finally officially dropped the Theatre minor. Now, before you gasp, “Erin! Are you having an hysterical identity crisis of some sort?”, I have good reasons and I’m going to explain them. First, I’d been thinking about dropping my Theatre minor for some time because, frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that. I just don’t have time to do theatre outside of class anymore, not with everything I have going on (see previous post). And if I wanted to use my minor to teach drama, people are going to want to see that I actually participated in productions. So, since I can’t do that, it didn’t make sense to keep the minor. I still miss acting terribly–don’t get me wrong. Seeing my sister perform in Beauty and the Beast at my old high school was a wonderful and painfully nostalgic experience. But, it’s just not the most essential part of my life right now. That’s the great thing about theatre, though–you can do it at any level, at any age. Thoroughly Modern Millie is probably not going to be my last acting experience. I can do theatre when I get older in my community, and I can still get involved in the drama club wherever I end up teaching (if I do actually end up teaching, but more on that later). My second reason is this–I GOT INTO THE CREATIVE WRITING PROGRAM! Praise the Lord! I’m going to be minoring in Creative Writing on the Fiction track.  Throughout this entire year, I’ve wondered why God always seemed to be saying “No” to theatre for me. And it’s because of this–if I had continued with theatre, where, frankly, I was a mediocre actress, I would have had to miss out on the writing program because I wouldn’t have had room for the classes or adequate time to write. And that would have been a shame, because, not to brag, but I think I’m a better writer than an actress. God knows what He’s doing, even when I don’t. I see that very clearly now.

6. God uses other people to show me His love and grace. I don’t think I talk about this enough–God has blessed me with some truly amazing friends. The other day, one of my best friends and discipler, Kara, went to Panera with me to sit me down and give me a “Vision Plan” (basically a plan for spiritual and personal growth). She gave me so much encouragement and I walked away from her feeling so loved and like I had grown a lot. Which I have, thank God. Also, a few weeks ago, I finally wrote my testimony–my full testimony. It’s some pretty intense stuff. And I finally got to share it with some friends the other day at an event we had for this outreach we’re doing on campus, called My Life in 2 Words. My friends showed me grace (definition of grace: a free gift I don’t deserve) by listening to me talk about myself without judging me for the things I’ve done or thought–even doing something as simple as giving me a hug after I finished. I was really grateful. My friends from home always post funny things on my page to show me they’re thinking of me, which I love. The other day two of my friends went out of their way to come with me to see The Great Gatsby even though it was 11pm and rainy. Two days ago, when I got into the program, one of the girls from the theatre program here complimented me on my post on Facebook, which was super sweet of her. The other day me and my friend were writing a little something to the sophomore guys in our movement for an appreciation event we’re throwing for them. It reminded me just how much I care about the godly guys in my life and how much they care about us. And I’ve gotten financial support for Ocean City from the most unexpected friends–even people who aren’t Christians, giving in generous amounts that I don’t deserve. In fact, most of the 70% of support I have raised is due to my pals. So thanks, friends. You mean so much to me. If you are reading this, and haven’t received a letter, here it is: Ocean City Summer Project Support Letter. Please contact me if you’re interested in supporting me. See what I did there? ;)

7. My future is less set in stone than I thought. It’s super ironic because when I first switched into the Secondary Education major, I was like, finally, I know how I’ll be making money when I graduate! But actually, not so much. The American Dream of a comfortable, cushy career and a giant house and a picket fence and 2.5 kids sounds less and less appealing.

It’s sort of frightening to me that I feel less and less okay with being “comfortable” my whole entire life. Jesus wasn’t comfortable. He gave His material possessions, His time, His life away. He spent Himself away and taught people to love others who were in such a wretched state of unloveable-ness that the religious people put Him on a cross for his radical teachings. Yeah, sure, I’m getting an education degree. I could definitely teach English to Chicago high schoolers. But I could also teach English to high schoolers in India. Or I could go to Romania. Or Thailand. Or China. Or Nigeria. God told me to go out in the world and make disciples, so why not? And teaching English isn’t my only option now, either. I could be a writer. I could end up teaching drama, too. I could end up rescuing women from sexual slavery in a third-world country somewhere. Or working as a church-planter or a missionary. I could end up on Cru Staff.  I might go to grad school for education or for English or for creative writing. Or I might go to seminary somewhere. Or I might end up doing Teach for America. I might be in Illinois. I might be in Michigan or Texas or Africa. I might live in a city or in the country. I might get married and have kids–hopefully. Then again, I might not. It’s freeing and exciting to be at a point in my life where God could literally make anything happen and I think I’d be okay with it. Having a set plan is overrated. I’m ready to go where He takes me. And that feeling is great.

Hey, everyone, thanks so much for being such troopers and reading this. I know it’s really long. I appreciate you, and can’t wait to see what you think! <3 Me


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