They say I’m a dreamer.

Hey, y’all. Sorry it’s been a while. Winter quarter has been craaaaaazy busy. And really, really cold (polar vortex, anyone?). Seriously, so ready to move south.

Me and my lovely friends on my 21st birthday. We went to the Celtic Knot. So much fun.
Me and my lovely friends on my 21st birthday. We went to the Celtic Knot. So much fun.

Anyway, I turned 21 a few weeks ago, and I have to be honest: it’s one of the first birthdays I ever had where I actually felt older. Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I successfully ordered a glass of wine with dinner that night (for those of you who are interested, it was a sauvignon blanc), or maybe it’s because I had an interview a few days later for my student teaching placement next year (a.k.a. the start of my real-person career). It could be because I just got my first wedding invitation for a close friend who’s basically my age, or it could be because I’ve started researching grad school options and making charts. Whatever it is, my 21st year has just been screaming “Adulthood!!”

And to be honest, that scares me a little. Actually, a lot.

It’s weird because I’ve always thought of myself as an “old soul.” But as I actually get older, I realize two things more and more: first, that the creative, crazy, hopeful, romantic, child-like dreamer inside of me is still very much alive–and second, that I am terrified of losing that part of myself under all the homework and resumes and tax forms and business-casual attire that accumulate as the years go by. It’s a chilling thought.

So, to make a writer’s toast to that crazy, silly part of myself, I have decided to publish a list of 21

Birthday strawberry shortcake made by my lovely mother. Thanks, Mom <3
Birthday strawberry shortcake made by my lovely mother. Thanks, Mom <3

weird and very un-adult-y things I’d like to do someday. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does include some pretty big ones. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to see some of these crazy dreams come true.

Please feel free to laugh.

Okay, here it is!!

1. Travel to: Romania, Hungary, South Africa, Australia, California, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain, Kenya, India, Luxembourg, Belgium, Japan, Russia, Greenland, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Austria, Alaska, Mexico, Egypt, Nepal, Turkey, Israel, the Bahamas, Greece, Italy, Germany, China, Thailand, England, Hawaii, Morocco, Wales, Argentina, Montana, Zambia, Denmark, Antarctica (so I can say I’ve been to all seven continents), and Maine. Probably other places too, but that’s all I can think of specifically right now.

Let's gooooooooo
Let’s gooooooooo

2. Invent my own Disney Princess character. Write the screenplay for the movie. Play the princess in that movie and sing a really amazing, Broadway-worthy song a la “Let It Go.”

3. Write a really good epic-fantasy book starring a female main character that Tolkien would be proud of. Write it while staying at the Hobbit Motel in New Zealand.

4. Build a house with a library behind a door disguised as a bookshelf. Only I could use this room. Unless I invited someone else in. Which is likely because I can only be by myself for like five minutes at a time ever.

5. Learn how to play guitar really well. Make music with the guitar and make an artsy documentary about making said music. Like Switchfoot in Fading West. They’re pretty cool. And artsy.

6. Ride a camel through the desert.

7. Live with a nomadic people for a year. No electricity, no phones. Nothing. This sounds sort of scary, but in an awesome way.

8. Write my blog as a job. Because if people paid me to write down my feelings, I’d be a millionaire right now.

9. Go on a road-trip with my friends in a crappy old Chevy mini-van (probably with wood side-panels) and travel all across America, meeting interesting people and photo-documenting our hilarious, thoughtful, and occasionally danger-filled adventures.

10. Knit an afghan. This one is only crazy for me because of how incredibly impatient I would be to hurry up and let it be finished already.

11. Be one of those people who lives with wild animals that would normally eat you or maim you or something. Like, lions or wolves or tigers, etc. And then impress people with my animal-whispering skills.

12. Design a really ridiculously elaborate and beautiful wedding.

This. This is what I want.
This. This is what I want.

13. Raise beautiful horses and ride them at full gallop through the fields of Appalachia. Or on the beach. Or wherever. I just wanna ride horses.

14. Bury myself under a pile of adorable puppies. Adopt all of them.

15. Go on literary/food/wine-tasting tours all over the world. Kind of like the first 1/3 of Eat Pray Love without the extra 30 pounds. Hopefully.

16. Sled down sand dunes.

17. Learn how to sword fight. Get really good at sword fighting. Be able to smirk knowingly to myself when people say, “Erin doesn’t know how to sword fight.” Fight those people with swords. Win.

18. Grow this crazy awesome wild garden with flowers and trees everywhere and paths with little fairy cairns so that when people come and visit it they will think it’s enchanted.

19. Own my own cozy hole-in-the-wall bookshop. Also enchanted.

20. Visit the Harry Potter movie set and accidentally bump into the trio and JK Rowling and immediately become life-long best friends with them.

21. Become excellent at the tango.

Okay, kiddies. Thanks for reading. More serious, grownup updates to come soon (well, maybe). Look out for posts about grad school, story-writing, and (as per usual) Jesus.



P.S. Donations to support these causes are acceptable in the form of cash, check, or Panera gift cards. Checks may go out to the “Erin Is Actually Secretly 12″ fund.


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