Erin unplugged. Part 7 of 8.

Well, hello there.

I’ve been busy the past couple of days, so there’s been more space between blog posts, but we’re almost done, friends! Only one more after this. Here are the links for the last six posts: one, two, three, four, five, six. Enjoy this penultimate set of tunes, and make sure to check ’em out on my Spotify playlist :)


Guinevere (Crosby, Stills & Nash, Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1969) My mom and step-dad are huge fans of CSN, and I remember hearing this song when I was about nine years old and loving the harmonies. I remember one grey day, walking alone through the reeds growing on the shore of the lake behind where we lived, hiding under the low-hanging branches of trees, watching red-winged blackbirds. I was singing this song to myself and drawing stars in the sand.


Beautiful (Christina Aguilera, Stripped, 2002)  I would be betraying my childhood if I didn’t include at least one of Christina’s songs–she was a huge influence on my singing style. Back to Basics is by far her best album in my opinion, but I do really love this song as well. She is an incredible live performer with a ton of talent, and her vocal range is spectacular. Every day is so wonderful/then suddenly it’s hard to breathe/now and then I get insecure/from all the pain, I’m so ashamed/But I am beautiful no matter what they say/’Cause words can’t bring me down


The Cave (Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More, 2009) I love singing harmonies to this song in the car and turning it all the way up. But at the same time, Marcus Mumford’s voice is so soothing that I usually fall asleep to this album when I’m on the Megabus home. So make your siren’s call/And sing all you want/I will not hear what you have to say/’Cause I need freedom now/And I need to know how/To live my life as it’s meant to be


Maria (Jim Bryant, West Side Story: Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1961) From one of my most favorite musicals. Tony is so in love with her that he is content to sing a song in the middle of the street at night where he basically just repeats her name over and over again. Maria/Say it loud and there’s music playing/Say it soft and it’s almost like praying/Maria/I’ll never stop saying Maria/Maria, Maria…/Maria


Dark Blue (Jack’s Mannequin, Everything in Transit, 2005) I love the piano hook to this song. I feel like the timbre of Andrew McMahon’s voice makes me think that this song is more angsty than it actually is. Kind of like high school. We were boxing/We were boxing the stars/We were boxing/You were swinging from Mars/And then the water reached the west coast/And took the power lines, the power lines/And it was me and you/And the whole town underwater/There was nothing we could do/It was dark blue


22 (Taylor Swift, Red, 2012) Tay’s just celebrating her youth and being a girl and where she is in life. I love that. It’s also got some interesting connections to my roommate Priscilla’s birthday, glasses of milk, and Middle English. …I’m weird. Don’t ask. Yeah/we’re happy, free , confused, and lonely at the same time/it’s miserable and magical oh, yeah/tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines/it’s time


The House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert, Revolution, 2009) Growing up and leaving home can be kind of scary. This song reminds me of that–how home changes, how we change. I thought if I could touch this place or feel it/This brokenness inside me might start healing/Out here it’s like I’m someone else/I thought that maybe I could find myself


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Hillsong UNITED, Zion (Deluxe Edition), 2013) This song was the essential Ocean City Summer Project 2013 theme song. I love it because it reminds me that even if the waters of life seem too deep and terrifying, it will never be deep and terrifying enough that I can’t trust God to guide me through it. Spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders/Let me walk upon the waters/Wherever You would call me/Take me deeper than my feet would ever wander/And my faith will be made stronger/By the presence of my Savior


Thanks for listening!!


Erin Elizabeth xoxo



1 thought on “Erin unplugged. Part 7 of 8.”

  1. […] I can’t believe this musical blog series is over. It has definitely been an exercise in vulnerability, and patience–I had to take a weekend off of social media to spend some time focusing on God, and it was super awesome, but I’m glad to finally finish this off. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me and read it all the way through. You guys are the best. And if you’re just reading this blog for the first time and wondering what the heck is about to go down…well, you’re great, too. And here are the links to the previous seven posts (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven). […]


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