“The darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining.” –1 John 2:8

Last weekend, at my very last Fall Retreat, I had the privilege of performing this spoken word poem that I wrote in front of my campus ministry. Simply put, it’s about lies. But more than that, it’s about Truth.

I was very much inspired by Gungor’s “Let There Be” when writing the poem, and I think it makes great background music for the reading.

So, here’s a couple directions: First hit play on the YouTube clip, let it play for 3 seconds (no more, no less–wow, this is such a Monty Python moment for me), and then hit play on the SoundCloud clip to get the full effect (seriously, it’s so much better with music).

Okay, wanderers.

Happy listening (I hope).


Let. There. Be.

In the beginning was the One who was Truth/ Maker of mountains, Sustainer of sight and/ Life-Giver to living things, Author of eternity/ And His Truth was the root/ of each tree and each fruit/ and most of all/ of His manifest masterpiece/ humanity/ Creation of clay, we/ the most honest image of the One/ beyond the capabilities/ of our imagination/ In our worship/ we were/ un-stained.


The Deceiver took the Truth that was ours/ twisted it before us/ We faltered–and bit/ And in an instant, all creation cried out/ at the infinite betrayal/ You see, we/ rejected our Father, the Truth-Teller/ to believe in falsehoods that rendered/our souls fallen/ the earth broken/ our unspoken hopes/ never to be fulfilled/ truth hidden, while/ lies, unbidden, bound us/ within blackness.

But God.

Through eyes of indescribable and undeserved/ love, He saw through the lies/ To which we subscribed, said/ Something must be done/ The Son/ The Son/ The Source of all Truth/ God sent Him down, and/ on the cross/ on this precious Yehoshua, He/ laid every drop of His most/ holy and righteous wrath/ exhausted our punishment/ on the Son so that/ we could be purchased, redeemed, bought back/ and made righteous/ for the pleasure of the Father/ who, if we have faith in Christ, promises/ to fight for us till the death against/ the battles of our own deceitful flesh/ And this promise will stand/ because of who He is/ and what He planned/ for not only did He resurrect the Son/ but He will also raise us up with Him in His glory/ in the name of His Truth/ in the name of that God-made-man,


who will, in the end, set us free/ And He will give His victory cry/ against the prince of lies/ for it is the Savior that invades/ and illuminates us, these/ broken pieces of mirror, who/ too long have been lost in darkness and lies/ But God will take us and make us/ shine/ as reflections of Christ/ who is the Way/ and the Truth/ and the Life/ So let there be/ Let us be



This is an incredible animation with the same song and an intro/outro from John Piper. Seriously so good. I got chills.


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