Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

Today I was reading Noah’s story in Genesis.

It starts out great. Noah is this super-spiritual, godly man surrounded by evil people. He builds this fancy ark because God told him to and he saves his family and all the animals from the flood that God sends to destroy the rest of the earth. To make it clear just how much of a stud he was, the first thing Noah does after getting off a boat he’s been on for over 12 months is to build an altar. God even makes a covenant to Noah and his descendants that He’s gonna let them stick around and rule over the earth. Strong start, for sure.

But in the last chapter of Noah’s life, Genesis 9, it shows his sons discovering him totally drunk and sprawled out on the floor of a tent, butt naked. Not exactly a picture of dignity.

And it kind of reminded me that no matter how good we can make ourselves look to other people, at the end of the day–before God, before the people whom we allow to truly know us–we’re all just drunks lying naked in a tent. Dearly beloved and cherished drunks, mind you.

If God or anybody else can love me in that place…well. That love’s worth holding onto.

(Featured painting: The Drunkenness of Noah by Giovanni Bellini)

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