Starting to Speak

Some lovely words from my friend Anna on this Jesus I follow and proclaiming what He truly stands for: grace, truth, and radical love.

Every Thought Captive

I’ve always held off on speaking my mind, I think because I’m pretty sure no one cares. I don’t say that out of self-pity; no one should care. I’m a 22 year old white girl from Illinois. I have lots of privilege and very little life experience. I’m about as plain a human being as you could imagine. I know this. I’m not even offended by it. It’s just a fact. But I think right now, that’s the very reason I need to speak out.

Over the last few months, my heart has been broken again and again by my continual realization of how the average American experiences and perceives Christianity. I’ve heard friends tell me of the hurtful experiences of condemnation and judgment they’ve had with Christians, seen the damage done to the lives of LGBT individuals under the guise of Christianity, and, just yesterday, watched a man scream…

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