Within wilderness.

A collection of artistic artifacts chronicling my anxiety, God, and the wilderness.


Rest and see.

Greetings, Wanderers. It's been a while since I've written. Over this past Christmas season, I've been around the world and back, from my home in snowy Michigan to the red tile roofs of Prague, from the mountains of Salzburg to the small farm towns of East Texas, and back to my beloved windy city of… Continue reading Rest and see.

Be filled.

Hey Wanderers. I'm sitting on my couch right now in the middle of catching up on a week and a half's worth of my Bible plan. I just finished reading Psalm 104 out loud to my empty apartment. Usually I read too fast or I just try to push through to say that I finished the… Continue reading Be filled.

Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

Today I was reading Noah's story in Genesis. It starts out great. Noah is this super-spiritual, godly man surrounded by evil people. He builds this fancy ark because God told him to and he saves his family and all the animals from the flood that God sends to destroy the rest of the earth. To… Continue reading Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

To water the earth (Isaiah’s song).

the one true story rained down upon the planet's cracking skin its chapters muddying the dust soaking old and arid rumors of bygone riverbeds over time the words sank resolutely  into their sedimentary plots and as they decomposed into letters the long-forgotten stones were drenched with meaning and one day they grew and collided mighty steeples rending desert plains discovering their unsilenced voices singing the new-remembered hymns echo unto echo

“An amazing contentment…”

"So clearly Jesus gave Paul an amazing contentment. [Philippians 3:8 and 4:11-13] are amazing verses. We all just long to be like that. I do. But here is something crucial. Paul’s contentment in Jesus in every circumstance did not make him passive as though there was nothing in the world to change or nothing to pursue. Remember his… Continue reading “An amazing contentment…”


Wanderers. The fact that nothing is coincidence--that every event, every soul, every offhand word we speak has meaning and significance--is as beautiful to me as it is strange. The idea should make more sense to me than it does, especially since I am a writer. Good writers don't like coincidence--they create symbols and foreshadowing and patterns in… Continue reading Tapestry.

The strange and winding road.

Christmas Eve. What a strange day to leave behind a home. My father is driving as I'm writing this. The sky is dark with clouds, and it's raining, cold and dreary. It occurs to me that this is probably the last time I will make this drive through all these trees, past all these corn fields… Continue reading The strange and winding road.

7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)

Hey, friends!! Awesome news--I just became the newest guest blogger at Tirzah Magazine, so I'm publishing a link to my article on my own blog, right here, so that you guys can read it. Tirzah is an online Christian magazine for young women, written by some very talented writers and awesome sisters in Christ. They… Continue reading 7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)

Women under grace.

Eve, the first woman. A set of curves and sighs, created lovingly of tender flesh. She was created as an answer, but after the fall she crumbled into an infinity of questions that every single one of her daughters would inherit. A wild-hearted paradox, who always sees herself as something more or something less. Woman.… Continue reading Women under grace.