Dear future Erin.

  Way back when I was in 8th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Gibbs, gave us all a project: write a letter to your future self, seal it, and give it to her so that she could send it to us once we finished high school. Four years later, upon my graduation from Northville High, we drove… Continue reading Dear future Erin.


The suitcase poems.

I.  I've been living out of suitcases for the past four years, a few months here, a couple weeks there, in six different states, staying in hotels, apartments, houses, cabins, inns-- but it's only one day until I get my gown and cap, I'm sitting in the middle of my stuff, and somehow I've forgotten how to pack. It used… Continue reading The suitcase poems.

Small grief.

  Hello, Wanderers. The other day, I saw an article online that said Joni Mitchell was in a coma. My heart beat faster and I hurriedly clicked the link to read more, saddened and shocked that we might lose one of the greatest singer-songwriters in America, the woman whose music played while I washed dishes in my… Continue reading Small grief.

Cliffhanger moments.

Hey, Wanderers. Most of you who have hung out with me for more than two consecutive minutes know that I am a very expressive person--in my voice, words, face, and hand motions. But this part of my personality is never more apparent than when I am engrossed in a suspenseful book, movie, or TV show. You… Continue reading Cliffhanger moments.

Finding words. (A series of poems.)

Hello, Wanderers. So, for those of you who don't know already, here are some major life updates--I quit student teaching. I temporarily withdrew from Northwestern. And on Sunday, I moved back home for the rest of winter quarter. All of this has been a pretty big shock to my system, and I've been trying to… Continue reading Finding words. (A series of poems.)

Throwing stones at myself.

I want to be real. I've been having a really hard time with student teaching. By far it has been the most difficult experience of my academic career, and possibly my life. I didn't go into student teaching 100% sure that I actually wanted to teach, and I feel like this uncertainty has made my… Continue reading Throwing stones at myself.

A Donohoe family Christmas.

Hey, Wanderers! If you've been reading my blog (hopefully!), you'll know that my last few posts, whether they be worship poems or reflections on my student teaching experiences, were very serious in nature. But now that I'm on Christmas break, I think it's time for me to rekindle what silliness hasn't been sapped out of me by my most… Continue reading A Donohoe family Christmas.

Thoughts on teaching.

Well, hello. It's been a while since I've written, Wanderers (I finally came up with a nickname for the readers of this blog! Makes me feel like I know you better). Lots of life has happened in the space between this and Two Gardens--I had my first day of high school (again). And my last… Continue reading Thoughts on teaching.

7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)

Hey, friends!! Awesome news--I just became the newest guest blogger at Tirzah Magazine, so I'm publishing a link to my article on my own blog, right here, so that you guys can read it. Tirzah is an online Christian magazine for young women, written by some very talented writers and awesome sisters in Christ. They… Continue reading 7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)