Erin unplugged. Part 8 of 8.

Wow. I can't believe this musical blog series is over. It has definitely been an exercise in vulnerability, and patience--I had to take a weekend off of social media to spend some time focusing on God, and it was super awesome, but I'm glad to finally finish this off. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me and read… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 8 of 8.


Erin unplugged. Part 7 of 8.

Well, hello there. I've been busy the past couple of days, so there's been more space between blog posts, but we're almost done, friends! Only one more after this. Here are the links for the last six posts: one, two, three, four, five, six. Enjoy this penultimate set of tunes, and make sure to check 'em out… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 7 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 6 of 8.

Hey, y'all! Wow, can't believe I'm three-quarters of the way done with these posts! Crazy. If you don't know what you're reading (I mean, you probably do, but just in case), here are the links to my past posts. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Hope you like these next songs... SONGS THAT REMIND ME OF… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 6 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 5 of 8.

Hello. Sooooo, in case you haven't heard, Monday night I had a bit of a hard time with the YouTube videos on the previous posts--realized that most of them could not be played on WordPress and had to be replaced. Spent a few hours finding new videos (if I could) and re-linking everything so that you… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 5 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 4 of 8.

Hi again, friends :) If you haven't read the previous three posts, you should. Here's the links: first one, second one, third one. Okay, here we go! SONGS THAT REMIND ME OF HOME You Were Meant For Me (Jewel, Pieces of You, 1995) One of my favorites ever since I was old enough to sing.… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 4 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 3 of 8.

Hey, y'all! Here's part three of my musical blog series. If you missed either of the last two posts, you should check them out--the first one explains what exactly I'm doing on this blog right now, and the second one is, well, the second one. Happy listening! And as always, feel free to comment :) SONGS… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 3 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 2 of 8.

Hello, again. Welcome to part 2 of my musical blog project. Hope you're having fun. If you didn't read my last post explaining what I'm about to do here, click this link. Cool. I'll get started. SONGS THAT REMIND ME OF HOME What's Up? (4 Non Blondes, Bigger, Better, Faster, More!, 1992) Sang this at the… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 2 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 1 of 8.

Hey, everyone. First of all, if you're reading this, I want to thank you. You are about to embark on my most ambitious blogging endeavor yet--a series of 64 of my favorite songs and why I love them. I decided to write these short pieces because I feel like I don't talk about how much music… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 1 of 8.