Love. (For my mom)

Happy Mothers' Day, Wanderers. Today's blog post is an essay I wrote three years ago for one of my writing classes. It's called "Love," and it's about my mother. This one's for you, Momma. I love you. --Erin It’s in the way my mother does laundry. When we are home, and, more often, when we… Continue reading Love. (For my mom)


For autumn.

I love the earthy smell, the heaviness of the air right before it rains. I love the clouds, moody and blackening as they unfurl, ushered by wind and suspended above the earth on strings. And I love putting in my earphones and blocking out the rest of the world, just so I can watch the raindrops race… Continue reading For autumn.

Ad Somnum, Ad Somnium: a Requiem.

Hey, y'all. I'm almost out of my last week of school. Three more days till I'm home!! Craziness. Anyway, I've been in a class called Reading and Writing Creative Non-Fiction all quarter, which basically means I'm writing personal essays, a.k.a. perfect blog material. I just finished editing my final personal essays for my portfolio, so… Continue reading Ad Somnum, Ad Somnium: a Requiem.