Why I write things (almost) no one will read.

Hey, people. So, I have a confession--I often wonder why I'm writing this blog. This blog. I'm a Christian writing very Christian articles in a very post-Christian world at a research (read: post-Christian) university where most students are not Christians. Seriously. Like, did I listen at all in writing class when they talked about the importance of knowing one's audience? Or… Continue reading Why I write things (almost) no one will read.


OCSP Update 5: Lasts.

Why, hello there. It's been a while. It has been two weeks and five days since I last posted on this blog, and only two weeks and three days since I left Ocean City, New Jersey. Seeing these facts typed out in front of me is so odd to me because it feels like an entire… Continue reading OCSP Update 5: Lasts.

OCSP Update 4: Firsts.

Greetings, folks! Sorry it's taken so long to update you again. So many things have happened--these last few weeks are completely packed full of activities. I'm currently two days away from finishing project, and so the updates you receive after this one will be reflections on my last few weeks on project, written from my… Continue reading OCSP Update 4: Firsts.

OCSP Update 3: World Vision Week.

Well, hey there. Heads up: I have so, so much to talk about. I have to split my third OC update into a bunch of parts so I can even get it all down. Take a deep breath. Dive in. World Vision Week. The week of June 30th was definitely one of the craziest weeks… Continue reading OCSP Update 3: World Vision Week.

OCSP Update 2: Community.

Hello, all!! Hope you’re all doing really well. In my last update, I asked you to pray for our community to grow closer as we entered “All For One” Week here in Ocean City—well, I can definitely say that God has answered that prayer. The week’s activities focused on us growing in community with one… Continue reading OCSP Update 2: Community.

OCSP Update 1: Overwhelming.

Hey guys--just realized I forgot to post my first update on my blog. It's from a while ago, but here you are :) 23 June 2013 Greetings from Ocean City, everyone!! These past twelve days have gone by at a frenetic pace, and I really wanted to be focused on getting settled, building relationships, and doing outreach… Continue reading OCSP Update 1: Overwhelming.

Spring cleaning. (Part 1.)

I was seriously on the struggle bus trying to come up with a title for this piece. There's just a lot that's happened to me in the past two months, and I really like it when I can find continuous threads or themes to connect everything together and figure out how it all fits so… Continue reading Spring cleaning. (Part 1.)