Starting to Speak

Some lovely words from my friend Anna on this Jesus I follow and proclaiming what He truly stands for: grace, truth, and radical love.

Every Thought Captive

I’ve always held off on speaking my mind, I think because I’m pretty sure no one cares. I don’t say that out of self-pity; no one should care. I’m a 22 year old white girl from Illinois. I have lots of privilege and very little life experience. I’m about as plain a human being as you could imagine. I know this. I’m not even offended by it. It’s just a fact. But I think right now, that’s the very reason I need to speak out.

Over the last few months, my heart has been broken again and again by my continual realization of how the average American experiences and perceives Christianity. I’ve heard friends tell me of the hurtful experiences of condemnation and judgment they’ve had with Christians, seen the damage done to the lives of LGBT individuals under the guise of Christianity, and, just yesterday, watched a man scream…

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In process.

Hey, Wanderers. Sorry for the radio silence. I've started about five different blog posts over the past two months and finished exactly zero of them. Life has been busy. But it's not just that--honestly, I haven't really wanted to write lately. Because even though hitting "Publish" and hearing from people about my blog gives me… Continue reading In process.

Small grief.

  Hello, Wanderers. The other day, I saw an article online that said Joni Mitchell was in a coma. My heart beat faster and I hurriedly clicked the link to read more, saddened and shocked that we might lose one of the greatest singer-songwriters in America, the woman whose music played while I washed dishes in my… Continue reading Small grief.

Cliffhanger moments.

Hey, Wanderers. Most of you who have hung out with me for more than two consecutive minutes know that I am a very expressive person--in my voice, words, face, and hand motions. But this part of my personality is never more apparent than when I am engrossed in a suspenseful book, movie, or TV show. You… Continue reading Cliffhanger moments.

Finding words. (A series of poems.)

Hello, Wanderers. So, for those of you who don't know already, here are some major life updates--I quit student teaching. I temporarily withdrew from Northwestern. And on Sunday, I moved back home for the rest of winter quarter. All of this has been a pretty big shock to my system, and I've been trying to… Continue reading Finding words. (A series of poems.)


Metacognitionnoun, Psychology 1. Higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning. There's nothing like teaching to show you how much of a student you really are. Honestly, student-teaching has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think I've cried more this quarter than… Continue reading Metacognition.

Thoughts on teaching.

Well, hello. It's been a while since I've written, Wanderers (I finally came up with a nickname for the readers of this blog! Makes me feel like I know you better). Lots of life has happened in the space between this and Two Gardens--I had my first day of high school (again). And my last… Continue reading Thoughts on teaching.

Crossing oceans.

Hello, friends. It's hard to believe that there are two weeks left of my spring quarter of my junior year here at Northwestern. This year has gone so incredibly fast. I'm starting to realize that adulthood is looming ahead of me. Strange, terrifying, exciting. I've had so much fun this year getting closer to so… Continue reading Crossing oceans.

In the depths of winter.

Here are some things God has taught me about myself this winter. 1. I really like being in control of my circumstances. 2. I am not patient. I'm bad at waiting on God's timing. 3. I live according to my interpretations of the facts. Not the facts themselves. Which often causes me to drive myself crazy… Continue reading In the depths of winter.

(Really) Rough drafts.

For as long as I've been making up weird little bits of stories or characters and scratching them down onto paper, I've dreaded writing rough drafts. You see, until now I employed what I like to call the "one-and-done" method, wherein I took twelve hours to write a five-page paper because I self-edited every little thing along the way and refused to… Continue reading (Really) Rough drafts.