The in-between.

Today was Holy Saturday. As I sat on a park bench, preparing to write, an elderly woman wearing enormous white sunglasses and carrying a can of Del Monte Canned Spinach and a loaf of bread approached me and asked if she could sit next to me. I said sure. She sat there, eating her bread and spinach… Continue reading The in-between.


Small grief.

  Hello, Wanderers. The other day, I saw an article online that said Joni Mitchell was in a coma. My heart beat faster and I hurriedly clicked the link to read more, saddened and shocked that we might lose one of the greatest singer-songwriters in America, the woman whose music played while I washed dishes in my… Continue reading Small grief.

Cliffhanger moments.

Hey, Wanderers. Most of you who have hung out with me for more than two consecutive minutes know that I am a very expressive person--in my voice, words, face, and hand motions. But this part of my personality is never more apparent than when I am engrossed in a suspenseful book, movie, or TV show. You… Continue reading Cliffhanger moments.

The strange and winding road.

Christmas Eve. What a strange day to leave behind a home. My father is driving as I'm writing this. The sky is dark with clouds, and it's raining, cold and dreary. It occurs to me that this is probably the last time I will make this drive through all these trees, past all these corn fields… Continue reading The strange and winding road.


"The darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining." --1 John 2:8 Last weekend, at my very last Fall Retreat, I had the privilege of performing this spoken word poem that I wrote in front of my campus ministry. Simply put, it's about lies. But more than that, it's about Truth. I was very… Continue reading Light.


One year ago today, July 21st, I was baptized on the Jersey Shore in the Atlantic Ocean. This was my public declaration of the work God had done in my heart--that I was now His daughter, beloved and saved because He moved me to trust in Christ's death on the cross. I was so blessed… Continue reading Anniversary.

Why I write things (almost) no one will read.

Hey, people. So, I have a confession--I often wonder why I'm writing this blog. This blog. I'm a Christian writing very Christian articles in a very post-Christian world at a research (read: post-Christian) university where most students are not Christians. Seriously. Like, did I listen at all in writing class when they talked about the importance of knowing one's audience? Or… Continue reading Why I write things (almost) no one will read.

Crossing oceans.

Hello, friends. It's hard to believe that there are two weeks left of my spring quarter of my junior year here at Northwestern. This year has gone so incredibly fast. I'm starting to realize that adulthood is looming ahead of me. Strange, terrifying, exciting. I've had so much fun this year getting closer to so… Continue reading Crossing oceans.

Easter for junkies. (A prose poem)

This is Easter for junkies. And we are all junkies. Our drugs of choice: pride, vanity, self-absorption, lust, greed, laziness, sexual addiction and impurity, insecurity, addiction to others' approval and attention, manipulation, murder, comparison, worry, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, lying, selfishness, desire for success and popularity, emotional numbness. And on, and on. We mix and match, compulsively… Continue reading Easter for junkies. (A prose poem)

Resting in thankfulness.

As I sat at my desk today, I listened to a lovely two-part sermon series by Charlotte Ennis. She was speaking at a women's conference (may I just say what a special blessing it is to listen to the women of God preach and teach--an exclusive privilege of being a daughter of God!) about God's sovereignty, His power and delight in answering… Continue reading Resting in thankfulness.