The confessions of a recovering Little Miss (Un)helpful.

When we were very young, my parents bought me and my sisters each a storybook in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves. The books are small, slim paperbacks that follow the lives of their titular cartoon characters: Emily got Little Miss Sunshine and Sarah got Little Miss Bossy. Mine was called Little Miss Helpful. It was one of my favorite stories. As you might guess, Little… Continue reading The confessions of a recovering Little Miss (Un)helpful.


Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

Today I was reading Noah's story in Genesis. It starts out great. Noah is this super-spiritual, godly man surrounded by evil people. He builds this fancy ark because God told him to and he saves his family and all the animals from the flood that God sends to destroy the rest of the earth. To… Continue reading Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

Dear future Erin.

  Way back when I was in 8th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Gibbs, gave us all a project: write a letter to your future self, seal it, and give it to her so that she could send it to us once we finished high school. Four years later, upon my graduation from Northville High, we drove… Continue reading Dear future Erin.

Throwing stones at myself.

I want to be real. I've been having a really hard time with student teaching. By far it has been the most difficult experience of my academic career, and possibly my life. I didn't go into student teaching 100% sure that I actually wanted to teach, and I feel like this uncertainty has made my… Continue reading Throwing stones at myself.


Metacognitionnoun, Psychology 1. Higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning. There's nothing like teaching to show you how much of a student you really are. Honestly, student-teaching has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think I've cried more this quarter than… Continue reading Metacognition.

Thoughts on teaching.

Well, hello. It's been a while since I've written, Wanderers (I finally came up with a nickname for the readers of this blog! Makes me feel like I know you better). Lots of life has happened in the space between this and Two Gardens--I had my first day of high school (again). And my last… Continue reading Thoughts on teaching.

Two gardens.

I. there is no gardener here not anymore the lock on the gate has rusted shut in certain places kept secrets even from itself some of the roses are just thorny bushes and the wind isn't always kind here fractured sky, empty hand walls savaged by winter exposure there are weeds some things have rotted and in… Continue reading Two gardens.


One year ago today, July 21st, I was baptized on the Jersey Shore in the Atlantic Ocean. This was my public declaration of the work God had done in my heart--that I was now His daughter, beloved and saved because He moved me to trust in Christ's death on the cross. I was so blessed… Continue reading Anniversary.

Women under grace.

Eve, the first woman. A set of curves and sighs, created lovingly of tender flesh. She was created as an answer, but after the fall she crumbled into an infinity of questions that every single one of her daughters would inherit. A wild-hearted paradox, who always sees herself as something more or something less. Woman.… Continue reading Women under grace.

Love song 139.

I have searched you. Every nook and cranny, every deep, dark and beautiful place in your heart. And I know you, like the lines on My hand, like a husband knows his wife, like a mother knows the cry of her child. I know when you sit down, how your hip joints pop, and you… Continue reading Love song 139.