For winter.

There is true mystery in winter. Many blog posts ago, I wrote that autumn was mysterious--nature's beauty blossoming right before its death--and I think that aspect of it is, but for the most part, autumn feels approachable to me. Its mystery invites others to come closer, to take part in its bounty. Whereas the winter season… Continue reading For winter.


Why I didn’t write today.

To my writer's group, and other new beginnings. I can't write, this coffee shop is too loud/expensive I can't write, this coffee shop has terrible music I can't write, this coffee shop has obnoxious teenage patrons I can't write, this coffee shop has no tea and coffee is the worst I can't write cooped up… Continue reading Why I didn’t write today.

So I heard you’re writing a novel.

  "So, I heard you're writing a novel!" --Everyone, to me, all the time I've heard this phrase several times from different people over the last 23 days (a few days ago, it was twice in one day). And each time I've tried to answer them, I've ended up doing a weird combination of shaking… Continue reading So I heard you’re writing a novel.

Hey I got the Liebster Award!

Well, Wanderers, the title says it all. Last week, the lovely Maddie from Myriads of Blessings nominated me and The Mind That Wanders for something pretty sweet called the Liebster Award--it's basically an award new bloggers give to other new bloggers when they love what they read. It's meant to encourage people to read and… Continue reading Hey I got the Liebster Award!

New Year’s Eve.

It's mere hours away from the end of one year and the beginning of another, and here I am remembering the roller coaster that was 2015. What. A. Year. This year was full of milestones--some expected, some not so much. I turned 22, started student-teaching, and then I quit student teaching and dropped out of Northwestern for… Continue reading New Year’s Eve.

For autumn.

I love the earthy smell, the heaviness of the air right before it rains. I love the clouds, moody and blackening as they unfurl, ushered by wind and suspended above the earth on strings. And I love putting in my earphones and blocking out the rest of the world, just so I can watch the raindrops race… Continue reading For autumn.

A Donohoe family Christmas.

Hey, Wanderers! If you've been reading my blog (hopefully!), you'll know that my last few posts, whether they be worship poems or reflections on my student teaching experiences, were very serious in nature. But now that I'm on Christmas break, I think it's time for me to rekindle what silliness hasn't been sapped out of me by my most… Continue reading A Donohoe family Christmas.

Women under grace.

Eve, the first woman. A set of curves and sighs, created lovingly of tender flesh. She was created as an answer, but after the fall she crumbled into an infinity of questions that every single one of her daughters would inherit. A wild-hearted paradox, who always sees herself as something more or something less. Woman.… Continue reading Women under grace.

Why I write things (almost) no one will read.

Hey, people. So, I have a confession--I often wonder why I'm writing this blog. This blog. I'm a Christian writing very Christian articles in a very post-Christian world at a research (read: post-Christian) university where most students are not Christians. Seriously. Like, did I listen at all in writing class when they talked about the importance of knowing one's audience? Or… Continue reading Why I write things (almost) no one will read.

In the depths of winter.

Here are some things God has taught me about myself this winter. 1. I really like being in control of my circumstances. 2. I am not patient. I'm bad at waiting on God's timing. 3. I live according to my interpretations of the facts. Not the facts themselves. Which often causes me to drive myself crazy… Continue reading In the depths of winter.