Finding words. (A series of poems.)

Hello, Wanderers. So, for those of you who don't know already, here are some major life updates--I quit student teaching. I temporarily withdrew from Northwestern. And on Sunday, I moved back home for the rest of winter quarter. All of this has been a pretty big shock to my system, and I've been trying to… Continue reading Finding words. (A series of poems.)


Throwing stones at myself.

I want to be real. I've been having a really hard time with student teaching. By far it has been the most difficult experience of my academic career, and possibly my life. I didn't go into student teaching 100% sure that I actually wanted to teach, and I feel like this uncertainty has made my… Continue reading Throwing stones at myself.


Metacognitionnoun, Psychology 1. Higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning. There's nothing like teaching to show you how much of a student you really are. Honestly, student-teaching has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think I've cried more this quarter than… Continue reading Metacognition.

Two gardens.

I. there is no gardener here not anymore the lock on the gate has rusted shut in certain places kept secrets even from itself some of the roses are just thorny bushes and the wind isn't always kind here fractured sky, empty hand walls savaged by winter exposure there are weeds some things have rotted and in… Continue reading Two gardens.

7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)

Hey, friends!! Awesome news--I just became the newest guest blogger at Tirzah Magazine, so I'm publishing a link to my article on my own blog, right here, so that you guys can read it. Tirzah is an online Christian magazine for young women, written by some very talented writers and awesome sisters in Christ. They… Continue reading 7 Things No One Ever Told Me About College (Tirzah Magazine)

Women under grace.

Eve, the first woman. A set of curves and sighs, created lovingly of tender flesh. She was created as an answer, but after the fall she crumbled into an infinity of questions that every single one of her daughters would inherit. A wild-hearted paradox, who always sees herself as something more or something less. Woman.… Continue reading Women under grace.

Crossing oceans.

Hello, friends. It's hard to believe that there are two weeks left of my spring quarter of my junior year here at Northwestern. This year has gone so incredibly fast. I'm starting to realize that adulthood is looming ahead of me. Strange, terrifying, exciting. I've had so much fun this year getting closer to so… Continue reading Crossing oceans.

In the depths of winter.

Here are some things God has taught me about myself this winter. 1. I really like being in control of my circumstances. 2. I am not patient. I'm bad at waiting on God's timing. 3. I live according to my interpretations of the facts. Not the facts themselves. Which often causes me to drive myself crazy… Continue reading In the depths of winter.

Love song 139.

I have searched you. Every nook and cranny, every deep, dark and beautiful place in your heart. And I know you, like the lines on My hand, like a husband knows his wife, like a mother knows the cry of her child. I know when you sit down, how your hip joints pop, and you… Continue reading Love song 139.

Who even am I.

So, for whatever reason, I've always been weirdly obsessed with personality tests. I remember being in fourth grade and lying about my age on the Internet so that I could log into a website that had dozens of quizzes I could take, from the more practical ("What's your best quality?") to the ridiculous ("Whose celebrity dog are you?" ...I… Continue reading Who even am I.