Hey I got the Liebster Award!

Well, Wanderers, the title says it all. Last week, the lovely Maddie from Myriads of Blessings nominated me and The Mind That Wanders for something pretty sweet called the Liebster Award--it's basically an award new bloggers give to other new bloggers when they love what they read. It's meant to encourage people to read and… Continue reading Hey I got the Liebster Award!


Dear future Erin.

  Way back when I was in 8th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Gibbs, gave us all a project: write a letter to your future self, seal it, and give it to her so that she could send it to us once we finished high school. Four years later, upon my graduation from Northville High, we drove… Continue reading Dear future Erin.

A Donohoe family Christmas.

Hey, Wanderers! If you've been reading my blog (hopefully!), you'll know that my last few posts, whether they be worship poems or reflections on my student teaching experiences, were very serious in nature. But now that I'm on Christmas break, I think it's time for me to rekindle what silliness hasn't been sapped out of me by my most… Continue reading A Donohoe family Christmas.

Erin unplugged. Part 5 of 8.

Hello. Sooooo, in case you haven't heard, Monday night I had a bit of a hard time with the YouTube videos on the previous posts--realized that most of them could not be played on WordPress and had to be replaced. Spent a few hours finding new videos (if I could) and re-linking everything so that you… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 5 of 8.

Erin unplugged. Part 1 of 8.

Hey, everyone. First of all, if you're reading this, I want to thank you. You are about to embark on my most ambitious blogging endeavor yet--a series of 64 of my favorite songs and why I love them. I decided to write these short pieces because I feel like I don't talk about how much music… Continue reading Erin unplugged. Part 1 of 8.

21 things you might not know about me.

My hometown has a population of fewer than 6,000. I am prone to fainting, which is why you will never catch me watching super-gory movies. I love to draw people’s faces. Being hugged is my favorite. My spirit-animal is a horse. They’re so wild and free and beautiful. I secretly want to move out onto… Continue reading 21 things you might not know about me.