Drunk and lying naked in a tent.

Today I was reading Noah's story in Genesis. It starts out great. Noah is this super-spiritual, godly man surrounded by evil people. He builds this fancy ark because God told him to and he saves his family and all the animals from the flood that God sends to destroy the rest of the earth. To… Continue reading Drunk and lying naked in a tent.


To water the earth (Isaiah’s song).

the one true story rained down upon the planet's cracking skin its chapters muddying the dust soaking old and arid rumors of bygone riverbeds over time the words sank resolutely  into their sedimentary plots and as they decomposed into letters the long-forgotten stones were drenched with meaning and one day they grew and collided mighty steeples rending desert plains discovering their unsilenced voices singing the new-remembered hymns echo unto echo


Wanderers. The fact that nothing is coincidence--that every event, every soul, every offhand word we speak has meaning and significance--is as beautiful to me as it is strange. The idea should make more sense to me than it does, especially since I am a writer. Good writers don't like coincidence--they create symbols and foreshadowing and patterns in… Continue reading Tapestry.


"The darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining." --1 John 2:8 Last weekend, at my very last Fall Retreat, I had the privilege of performing this spoken word poem that I wrote in front of my campus ministry. Simply put, it's about lies. But more than that, it's about Truth. I was very… Continue reading Light.

Women under grace.

Eve, the first woman. A set of curves and sighs, created lovingly of tender flesh. She was created as an answer, but after the fall she crumbled into an infinity of questions that every single one of her daughters would inherit. A wild-hearted paradox, who always sees herself as something more or something less. Woman.… Continue reading Women under grace.

Easter for junkies. (A prose poem)

This is Easter for junkies. And we are all junkies. Our drugs of choice: pride, vanity, self-absorption, lust, greed, laziness, sexual addiction and impurity, insecurity, addiction to others' approval and attention, manipulation, murder, comparison, worry, hatred, jealousy, bitterness, lying, selfishness, desire for success and popularity, emotional numbness. And on, and on. We mix and match, compulsively… Continue reading Easter for junkies. (A prose poem)

Love song 139.

I have searched you. Every nook and cranny, every deep, dark and beautiful place in your heart. And I know you, like the lines on My hand, like a husband knows his wife, like a mother knows the cry of her child. I know when you sit down, how your hip joints pop, and you… Continue reading Love song 139.

My name is Jerusalem. (A poem.)

Today I was reading my Bible and one of the chapters I read was Ezekiel 16. This chapter is part of the prophecy of Ezekiel, whom God charged to forewarn Jerusalem of its sinfulness and imminent destruction if they did not turn back to Him. The metaphor in this passage (one of the most graphic metaphors in the Old… Continue reading My name is Jerusalem. (A poem.)

OCSP Update 3: World Vision Week.

Well, hey there. Heads up: I have so, so much to talk about. I have to split my third OC update into a bunch of parts so I can even get it all down. Take a deep breath. Dive in. World Vision Week. The week of June 30th was definitely one of the craziest weeks… Continue reading OCSP Update 3: World Vision Week.

OCSP Update 2: Community.

Hello, all!! Hope you’re all doing really well. In my last update, I asked you to pray for our community to grow closer as we entered “All For One” Week here in Ocean City—well, I can definitely say that God has answered that prayer. The week’s activities focused on us growing in community with one… Continue reading OCSP Update 2: Community.