Why I didn’t write today.

To my writer's group, and other new beginnings. I can't write, this coffee shop is too loud/expensive I can't write, this coffee shop has terrible music I can't write, this coffee shop has obnoxious teenage patrons I can't write, this coffee shop has no tea and coffee is the worst I can't write cooped up… Continue reading Why I didn’t write today.


A few life updates.

So I know I haven't written in a while, but these past few months have been chock-full of changes and transitions and all the busyness that comes with adjusting to new life rhythms. (By the way, what is a chock? Can anyone explain this to me?) I tried to come up with a unifying theme… Continue reading A few life updates.

“Why are we reading…?”

Why are we reading, if not in hope of beauty laid bare, life heightened and its deepest mystery probed? Can the writer isolate and vivify all in experience that most deeply engages our intellects and our hearts? Can the writer renew our hope for literary forms? Why are we reading if not in hope that… Continue reading “Why are we reading…?”

Charley horses.

[E]very creative person, and I think probably every other person, faces resistance when trying to create something good...[R]esistance, a kind of feeling that comes against you when you point toward a distant horizon, is a sure sign that you are supposed to do the thing in the first place. The harder the resistance, the more… Continue reading Charley horses.


You are all things. All grace. All holy wrath, all fire. All lovely, all pure, expanding into the infinite, the roaring waters that flood and feed my soul. You are the Maker of clay pots, broken vessels, mute and thoughtless. You are the answer. You are treasure poured out into my spirit, with Your Spirit… Continue reading Yahweh.


"The darkness is passing away and the true light is already shining." --1 John 2:8 Last weekend, at my very last Fall Retreat, I had the privilege of performing this spoken word poem that I wrote in front of my campus ministry. Simply put, it's about lies. But more than that, it's about Truth. I was very… Continue reading Light.

Spring cleaning, the sequel.

Heyyyoooooooooo. I'm picking up where I left off. Told you it would be really soon. Cue theme music. 5. Hindsight is most definitely 20-20. Let me explain. My first blog post talked a lot about my experiences with musical theatre and how I switched majors to Secondary Education, and changed my Theatre major to a minor.… Continue reading Spring cleaning, the sequel.

Big news! And a poem!

Hey, everyone! I know I haven't written in a while, but I have some big news: my creative writing teacher loved my first short story so much that she wants me to use it to apply to the creative writing program and then work on getting my story PUBLISHED. So, I'm looking at dropping my… Continue reading Big news! And a poem!