The in-between.

Today was Holy Saturday. As I sat on a park bench, preparing to write, an elderly woman wearing enormous white sunglasses and carrying a can of Del Monte Canned Spinach and a loaf of bread approached me and asked if she could sit next to me. I said sure. She sat there, eating her bread and spinach… Continue reading The in-between.


The confessions of a recovering Little Miss (Un)helpful.

When we were very young, my parents bought me and my sisters each a storybook in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves. The books are small, slim paperbacks that follow the lives of their titular cartoon characters: Emily got Little Miss Sunshine and Sarah got Little Miss Bossy. Mine was called Little Miss Helpful. It was one of my favorite stories. As you might guess, Little… Continue reading The confessions of a recovering Little Miss (Un)helpful.

In process.

Hey, Wanderers. Sorry for the radio silence. I've started about five different blog posts over the past two months and finished exactly zero of them. Life has been busy. But it's not just that--honestly, I haven't really wanted to write lately. Because even though hitting "Publish" and hearing from people about my blog gives me… Continue reading In process.

Dear future Erin.

  Way back when I was in 8th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Gibbs, gave us all a project: write a letter to your future self, seal it, and give it to her so that she could send it to us once we finished high school. Four years later, upon my graduation from Northville High, we drove… Continue reading Dear future Erin.

To water the earth (Isaiah’s song).

the one true story rained down upon the planet's cracking skin its chapters muddying the dust soaking old and arid rumors of bygone riverbeds over time the words sank resolutely  into their sedimentary plots and as they decomposed into letters the long-forgotten stones were drenched with meaning and one day they grew and collided mighty steeples rending desert plains discovering their unsilenced voices singing the new-remembered hymns echo unto echo

The suitcase poems.

I.  I've been living out of suitcases for the past four years, a few months here, a couple weeks there, in six different states, staying in hotels, apartments, houses, cabins, inns-- but it's only one day until I get my gown and cap, I'm sitting in the middle of my stuff, and somehow I've forgotten how to pack. It used… Continue reading The suitcase poems.

Small grief.

  Hello, Wanderers. The other day, I saw an article online that said Joni Mitchell was in a coma. My heart beat faster and I hurriedly clicked the link to read more, saddened and shocked that we might lose one of the greatest singer-songwriters in America, the woman whose music played while I washed dishes in my… Continue reading Small grief.

On repeat (ep. 2).

  Hey, Wanderers! ...So this second episode of On Repeat is a little late because I've been back on campus for the past couple weeks, and I think I forgot that there's this thing called homework that college students have to do. Let me tell you, though, I'm glad I'm the one doing it, and not the… Continue reading On repeat (ep. 2).

On repeat (ep. 1).

Hello, Wanderers! About eleven months ago, I started my very first series of blog posts called "Erin Unplugged," an eight-part series where each post included eight songs that are really important to me in one way or another. It was a really rewarding  challenge for me as a blogger, and I wanted to continue putting my favorite songs out there on… Continue reading On repeat (ep. 1).

“An amazing contentment…”

"So clearly Jesus gave Paul an amazing contentment. [Philippians 3:8 and 4:11-13] are amazing verses. We all just long to be like that. I do. But here is something crucial. Paul’s contentment in Jesus in every circumstance did not make him passive as though there was nothing in the world to change or nothing to pursue. Remember his… Continue reading “An amazing contentment…”