“Joy’s flame.”

I had thought joy's flame needed protecting. All these years, these angers, these hardenings, this desire to control, I thought I had to snap the hand closed to shield joy's fragile flame from the blasts. In a storm of struggles, I had tried to control the elements, clasp the fist tight so as to protect… Continue reading “Joy’s flame.”


Rest and see.

Greetings, Wanderers. It's been a while since I've written. Over this past Christmas season, I've been around the world and back, from my home in snowy Michigan to the red tile roofs of Prague, from the mountains of Salzburg to the small farm towns of East Texas, and back to my beloved windy city of… Continue reading Rest and see.

Making moves.

It always amazes me when I meet someone my age who has lived, with the exception of college, in one place their entire lives. Growing up, I moved a lot. I lived in five different homes before I got to middle school, six different homes before I graduated high school. Admittedly, these moves were never more than… Continue reading Making moves.

Charley horses.

[E]very creative person, and I think probably every other person, faces resistance when trying to create something good...[R]esistance, a kind of feeling that comes against you when you point toward a distant horizon, is a sure sign that you are supposed to do the thing in the first place. The harder the resistance, the more… Continue reading Charley horses.

How Do We Understand an Infinite God in a Tangible World?

Happy Easter, Wanderers!!

Today, I thought I would share some important and very relatable reflections on the tangibility of God written by my friend Danny. After all, today is one of the most essential holy days of the Christian faith, but it celebrates an event most Christians never saw, heard, or felt first hand–the death and resurrection of Christ. However, Danny and I are both of the firm opinion that He is very real, tangible, and active in our lives. Please read and enjoy, and feel free to ask me any questions it raises. I’d love to try to help you out.

He is risen indeed!!


Unfolding Narrative

There are times in my life where God feels really distant. It is hard to pray, hard to read the Word, hard to worship the Lord because he doesn’t seem physically tangible. How can I commune with an infinite God who can be so difficult to grasp intellectually in a physical world?

"Baby's Hand" by fruity monkey licensed under CC BY 2.0 “Baby’s Hand” by fruity monkey licensed under CC BY 2.0

I agree with the age-old adage that actions speak louder than words. I would almost go as far as saying this isn’t even a subjective statement, but human nature. Words can only get us so far. Actions tell a better story. A lot of times, words are necessary to complement our actions, but if you really think about it, you will agree too.

It’s one thing for a boss to tell their employee that he or she is doing a good job. It’s another for them to say…

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Cliffhanger moments.

Hey, Wanderers. Most of you who have hung out with me for more than two consecutive minutes know that I am a very expressive person--in my voice, words, face, and hand motions. But this part of my personality is never more apparent than when I am engrossed in a suspenseful book, movie, or TV show. You… Continue reading Cliffhanger moments.


Metacognitionnoun, Psychology 1. Higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning. There's nothing like teaching to show you how much of a student you really are. Honestly, student-teaching has been one of the hardest things I have ever done. I think I've cried more this quarter than… Continue reading Metacognition.

Crossing oceans.

Hello, friends. It's hard to believe that there are two weeks left of my spring quarter of my junior year here at Northwestern. This year has gone so incredibly fast. I'm starting to realize that adulthood is looming ahead of me. Strange, terrifying, exciting. I've had so much fun this year getting closer to so… Continue reading Crossing oceans.

Resting in thankfulness.

As I sat at my desk today, I listened to a lovely two-part sermon series by Charlotte Ennis. She was speaking at a women's conference (may I just say what a special blessing it is to listen to the women of God preach and teach--an exclusive privilege of being a daughter of God!) about God's sovereignty, His power and delight in answering… Continue reading Resting in thankfulness.

Ad Somnum, Ad Somnium: a Requiem.

Hey, y'all. I'm almost out of my last week of school. Three more days till I'm home!! Craziness. Anyway, I've been in a class called Reading and Writing Creative Non-Fiction all quarter, which basically means I'm writing personal essays, a.k.a. perfect blog material. I just finished editing my final personal essays for my portfolio, so… Continue reading Ad Somnum, Ad Somnium: a Requiem.