Some words.

  First, you start with some easy words, sounded out by clumsy lips and tongue only a few short years after you're born, meanings consumed and discarded as quickly as chewing gum A is for apple. B is for baseball. C is for carrot. D is for dog. And then, when you're a little older, there are… Continue reading Some words.


To water the earth (Isaiah’s song).

the one true story rained down upon the planet's cracking skin its chapters muddying the dust soaking old and arid rumors of bygone riverbeds over time the words sank resolutely  into their sedimentary plots and as they decomposed into letters the long-forgotten stones were drenched with meaning and one day they grew and collided mighty steeples rending desert plains discovering their unsilenced voices singing the new-remembered hymns echo unto echo

Finding words. (A series of poems.)

Hello, Wanderers. So, for those of you who don't know already, here are some major life updates--I quit student teaching. I temporarily withdrew from Northwestern. And on Sunday, I moved back home for the rest of winter quarter. All of this has been a pretty big shock to my system, and I've been trying to… Continue reading Finding words. (A series of poems.)